More than Just Physical Purity

23 08 2008

This article was writen by a friend that I met on the Rebelution Forum.  She wrote this for her own blog that she wanted to get started, but offered it to me to use.  She decided that she would write for me occasionally, so you will see her name on here again.  Her article has three points, but I decided to take it one at a time.  I will also be making my own comments throughout in brown. 


Firstly, I have three points I’d like to make.  One, being pure is NOT just a physical thing, but is tied to our emotions, our mind, and our spirituality.  Two, God requires us to be pure.  Three, purity will bring great blessing upon our lives.  Now, I’m going to dissect them point by point.


1. Being pure isn’t just a physical thing, but is mental, emotional, and spiritual as well


Purity is more than saving sex until marriage.  Purity is not just not kissing people.  Purity is a state of mind, a guarding of your heart, an every day decision to keep yourself for one and only one person; your future spouse.


It is so important to make the decision EVERYDAY to keep yourself for only your future husband or wife.  If you don’t focus on it, you let down your gaurd and eventually could forget about it all together.  It must be an everyday commitment, like a New Year’s Revolution that you take everyday. 


Maybe some of you think that what you do now won’t really affect the rest of your life, like it’s all in a little bubble that you can cast off whenever you feel like it and never have to worry about again.  God didn’t create us to live in little “bubbles”, doing whatever we want with no consequences to us or anyone else.


Take, for example, smoking.  You start one day, saying “Only one won’t hurt me.  I can get out of it whenever I want to.”  The next day, you smoke another cigarette.  And another.  Soon, all you live for is that next cigarette.  You still say that you can get out whenever you want to.  The problem is, you’re addicted and can’t stop.  Finally, one day, you say, “No more.” and slowly begin to stop.  But, just because you stopped, that doesn’t mean it was just a past thing, or bubble that will just float away.  You still have to live with the extra risk of lung cancer and all that “fun” stuff.  It still comes back to haunt you.  It’s the same way with impurity.  You may stop having sex or whatever you were doing, but the guilt still haunts you.  The pain still keeps you up at night.  It’s not a bubble that will float away when you want it to. 


Think about this; Would you try jumping out of an airplane flying 1,000 feet above the ground with no parachute?  How about going out into the middle of the ocean, then stepping off the boat to walk on water?  Why can’t we do these things?  Because God has set up laws, the law of gravity, the law that our body mass weighs more than water.


In the same way, God has set up moral laws that we must obey, or there are consequences that will affect the rest of our lives.  I’m not talking about just physical things, because if it only affects us physically, then those obstacles are easy to dodge.  No, purity is linked not just to our physical body, but to our mind, our emotions.  Every time you give more of your heart to someone, you become more deeply involved with them, and it becomes harder to disentangle yourselves.


Proverbs 4:23 – Above all else, guard your heart,
for it is the wellspring of life.


The wellspring of life.  Wellspring means source, basis.  Your heart is more than just feelings, it’s the very basis of your being.  Every time you give your heart to someone, you are literally giving yourself away, you are offering up every part of you to their discretion.


2 Corinthians 7:1 Since we have these promises, dear friends, let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God.


What is contaminating our bodies and spirits?  Why are we not so in awe of God that we are willing to do anything to be holy before Him?  He despises those practices that we laugh at, perhaps even practice ourselves; fornication (which is having sex with anyone that you’re not married to), homosexuality, pornography, movies with very sexual overtones.


1 Corinthians 6:18a Flee from sexual immorality.


Flee.  Run from it as fast as you possibly can.  Run.

And run FAST!


Joanna Coleman 





2 responses

24 08 2008
Trey Edwards

Excellent post! I use Google Reader, and since I am subscribed to this blog, I got the initial release of this post, which included all 3 points. 😀 They are all wonderful! One thing I have noticed is that this is very much an issue for guys, too, preserving your body for your future spouse, etc (no spoilers, people. 😀 ).

Oh, I had one question. “Purity is not just not kissing people.” Different people have different views on this. Some people say that some of this type of intimate association is allowed in a biblical relationship that is obviously leading to marriage. Others say that there should be almost no physical contact whatsoever, so as to resist temptation. What are your views on this?

24 08 2008

This was so good to read. This week I’m at the beach for vacation, and let’s just say there is definitely a lot of temptation here when it comes to guys. This is a great reminder (thankfully you posted it at the beginning of my vacation:)) to keep in my mind always, but especially this week.

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