More on the Twilight Series

31 08 2008

Somebody wrote this about the article I wrote on the Twilight series.  I feel bad because I wasn’t able to address it until now, but some of my friends have talked to them and they now feel that the books aren’t good and they won’t be reading them anymore.  I still want to talk about it because when I wrote the previous one, I don’t think I elaborated enough on my part.  And, they brought up some good points.  So, here it is:

I do agree that there are many things that pull us away from God, but just because something doesn’t give out a Godly message, doesn’t make it wrong. And just because something refers or has witchcraft in it, it doesn’t make it wrong. And just because the author isn’t Christian, it doesn’t make it wrong.

What about school? It doesn’t give out a Godly message. But it isn’t wrong. On the contrary, it helps us become educated and successful with our lives. And there are also many books that don’t give out a Godly message, but they aren’t wrong.

Look at the Chronicles of Narnia series. It has witchcraft in it, but it doesn’t go against God. It actually sends out a Godly message using witchcraft. Would you say that that was wrong?

Non-Christian people have accomplished and written many things throughout time and are still. I’m sure you’ve read many, many books by non-Christian authors. So is every single one of those books wrong?

Also, vampires are completely fantasy. There is no such thing as vampires. They are simply a figment of imagination. Yes, they suck blood, but how exactly is that wrong? Well, when they suck the blood and molest their victims and/or kill them, I understand, but a lot of books and shows depict vampires as creatures that just suck the blood to survive, and then leave them alone.

I agree that just because something doesn’t put out a “Godly” message doesn’t mean it’s wrong.  I mean, if it’s promoting ungodly issues like homosexuality, abortion, or what ever, that’s wrong.  And while I’m talking about it, some things that claim to put out a Godly message can be wrong too. 

Take The Shack for example.  I haven’t read it and I don’t plan too.  I have heard some people who have said that this book is better than the Bible because now they understand the Trinity.  They understand a twisted version of the Trinity.  The author believes in the all roads lead to heaven thing.  It also puts God on our level. 

No, school doesn’t put out a Godly message anymore, either.  It used to, though.  Until you get to things that clearly go against God’s Word, like evolution, it isn’t wrong.  But, we have to go.  We don’t have a choice.  Unless you are homeschooled, but for some of us, that isn’t an option at the time either. 

Also, witchcraft that people can try to copy is wrong.  People all over the world are trying to copy the magic in the Harry Potter series.  Rowling herself said that she looked up spells in a spell book or something like that to make them more authentic.  That is wrong.  In the Chronicles of Narnia, you can’t touch a ring and go to another world where there is an evil queen who has cast a spell over the land making it always winter.  Everybody knows that.  I don’t think there is anybody who is trying to copy that or anything else in those books.  But that is putting too many but’s and what if’s on it.  No witchcraft at all is best.   

Anyway, there are a ton of things out there that aren’t bad, they just weren’t written by Christian authors for a Christian purpose.  What makes it wrong is it’s content.  In the Twilight series (now, this isn’t the only one that has issues.  It’s just the one that everybody seems to be reading right now.), Edward, a vampire, is portrayed as a “good guy” and if he isn’t supposed to be that, he’s the character everybody is supposed to like.  We all know that if vampires were real, they wouldn’t be good or that everybody would want to be friends with.  Every vampire I’ve ever heard of in stories and such have been bad and scary creatures.  Now, all of a sudden, we have good vampires.  Isaiah 5:20 says “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”  If that isn’t clear enough, I don’t know what is!  If we start thinking that vampires, for example, are good, when they are clearly bad, then woe to us!   

And yes, I have read books by non-Christian authors.  MANY of them.  But I don’t let anybody tell me that I had to read something that went against God’s Word.  I don’t read the Harry Potter series or the Twilight series or anything else.  And this year, I have challenged myself to read only Christian books from good, Christian authors, such as Al Lacy and his wife, Joanna.  In fact, I haven’t read secular books in so long that just a minute ago, I was trying to think of an example for the books that weren’t wrong but weren’t Christian and  I couldn’t think of a single one!!!  I was happy to find that out! =)

So, I hope and pray that this answers some questions that some of you might have about the series and others like it.  I challenge ya’ll to try what I’m trying: don’t read any secular books for a whole year unless required to by a teacher.  And then, it can’t be a book that has witchcraft or other things that are out and out wrong like that in it.  Refuse to read those.  I’d love to hear from those of you who are doing it!  Tell me of the Christian books you have read after a while of doing it!  I’ll put them on the book list so other people can see it.  I’ll look forward to hearing from you!!

Love in Christ,                                                                                                                                          





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3 09 2008

I don’t think I’ve read a secular book in awhile by choice…but I haven’t really tracked how long it’s been either.

Good ones I read this summer:
Relationships: A Mess Worth Making (by Tim Lane and Paul Tripp)
Do Hard Things (by Alex and Brett, of course :))
Rachel’s Tears (by Darrell Scott and Beth Nimmo)
Part of Valley of Vision (compilation of Puritan Prayers)
I Surrender All: Rebuilding a Marriage Broken by Pornography (by Clay and Renee Crosse) (I picked this up at the library because I saw “I Surrender All” and thought “Great, that’s something I need to read!” But, when I saw the part about marriage and pornography I almost put it back thinking it’d be irrelevant to my life or whatever. However, I ended up reading it in a few days. I really liked it.)

3 09 2008


As an AP literature student (and possible future lit major) I must warn you about limiting youself to only books by Christian authors. You are missing out on a wealth of informative, interesting literature by doing so. Please understand that literature is not purely for entertainment but also for enlightenment and exposure. It is extremely helpful to read and understand the works of authors like Shaw, Emerson, Thoreau, Poe, Shakespeare, and countless other secular authors. Literature is the expression of culture. We need to know what is going on in our culture in order to be effective witnesses. We need to be able to read critically and examine all literature–both secular and religious– in relation to the Bible and the standards of literature.

For example, even the apostle Paul quotes the popular authors and poets (think: movie directors and rock stars) of his day at Mars Hill. He not only read and understood the secular literaure of that time but also used it in a positive way. He reasoned to Scripture from secular lit. It’s quite profound and amazing, really.

Also, let’s remember that the Bible is certainly not a G-rated book. Really. There’s stuff in there that’s so graphic that if it were a secular novel, you wouldn’t read.

Love and peace,


4 09 2008

You said: Also, witchcraft that people can try to copy is wrong. People all over the world are trying to copy the magic in the Harry Potter series.

I’m sorry, but you lost me here. I’m all for reading more wholesome literature, but as a Christian who’s read Twilight and Harry Potter I must say this statement is rather absurd. If you knew anything at all about the actual practices of Wicca, the worship of the goddess, reincarnation, casting the magic circle, the Book of Shadows and so on, you would know that the magic of Harry Potter and Twilight is purely fictional. It is literally impossible to reproduce the “magic” contained therein. Sparkly vegetarian vampires do not exist. Wizards who wear purple pointed hats, ride broomsticks, wave wands, shout “levitas,” and make feathers float do not exist. People can no more try to copy the magic in Twilight than that in Narnia- because it DOES NOT EXIST. Trying to imitate Edward or Harry does not work because the magic they practice DOES NOT EXIST.

Perhaps you need to actually read the series you are impugning. Do a little bit of research into Wicca and Satanism. The world of witchcraft is a frightening, dark thing, and trivializing it by pretending the imaginary spells in Harry Potter have any bearing at all on real life is just ignorant.

5 09 2008

hi kelsea! i just found your blog through the rebelution forum and wanted to say that i LOVE the little bit i have read so far! i’m really glad that there is someone out there like you to start a wonderful site like this 🙂 you’re going on my blogroll girl!

about the twilight saga… you are right about it sucking us in. i didn’t see the danger in reading them until i started the fourth one (i never finished it and don’t plan on it). i was horrified. and despite the fact that stephanie meyer is a talented writer, the inappropriate content in this series has drastically heightened as the books progressed. to say the least, i am very disappointed. sometime when school is less busy for me i plan on writing up a post about this series as well.

keep up the amazing writing!

*hugs and prayers*


8 09 2008

“Look at the Chronicles of Narnia series. It has witchcraft in it, but it doesn’t go against God. It actually sends out a Godly message using witchcraft. Would you say that that was wrong?”
I would like to point something out.
the only witchcraft in the chronicles of narnia, is proformed by the villians, not the heros. There is other magic, but it ALWAYS goes wrong unless Aslan does it or gives someone permisson to do it.

15 09 2008

hey kel
we just got finished with whole evolution thing in school
i talked to a girl about a book that had something about the bible and found out she is a achristian to she doesnt like the evolution thing either just thought id let you know!
love in christ

15 09 2008

ok something else
in my opion people should leave the choronicles of narnia out of the whole witch craft thing sure it does have it in there but IT WAS WRITTEN BY A CHRISTIAN AUTHOR HE USED TO PORTRAY THE FACT THAT GOOD WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL OVER EVIL
just wat i think about it

5 06 2009

Step on those toes! 🙂

23 06 2009

Hi, I just wanted to tell you how encouraging your blog has been to me over recent days. I especilly love the Twilight posts that you’ve done, I think you outline that series perfectly and I hope to see you do more book reviews in the future. Thank you so much for posting!


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