The Flirting Game

20 09 2008

 Most of us have the problem.  If you don’t, I applaud how God has blessed you.  When we get around certain guys, we tend to start to be flirty.  Does that make it right?  Not at all.  Flirting is something that we can do with our bodies, clothes, and the way we talk and laugh. 

You know those girls who look up into the eyes of her boyfriend and can usually get him to do just about anything.  The girls who hang all over their boyfriend kind of like a monkey.  Is this just your “average teenage girl” that you would expect from all girls?  Or is it something we as teenagers need to try to fix?   

We can also flirt with our clothes.  Suggestive clothing such as scooping necks, rediculously short skirts, and the like encourage guys to think in ways that aren’t glorifying to God and that make them sin by lusting.  Yes, they should gaurd their minds against it, but as their sisters in Christ,  we shouldn’t make them stumble.  When we do, we sin just as bad.  Besides, those clothes don’t glorify God.  The more you love God, the less you should want to show of yourself. So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”  1 Cor. 10:31

Did you know that we can flirt by how we talk and laugh?  Some girls get that high pitched girly voice whenever they want someone to notice them.   Other girls laugh a lot and really loud or really girly and giggly.  Some do both.   This gives guys a suggestive message.  It may seem petty, but you really need to be careful about what you do with your voice.

The smallest things can make a guy stumble.  Something as seemingly simple as a girl pulling up a tank top can be a stumbling block to someone.  Sometimes, they can’t help it anymore than we can when we see a “hot” guy.  It’s our sinful nature. 

That doesn’t mean we can’t do anything about it.  With God all things are possible.  We just have to ask God to take away that sinful, lustful spirit and put a pure one in.  It’ll take some painful refining, but if it helps our brothers in Christ to not stumble, then it is worth it.  It’ll also take some work on our part, or nothing will happen.  At a Rebelution conference,  Brett Harris said, “In order to change something, you have to change something.”  You can’t say you’re going to pray every night before you go to bed and then go to bed at the same unruly hour of the morning you usually do.  You’ll fall asleep in the middle of the prayer!  Of course, the change I’m talking about is on a much more complicated scale than making yourself go to bed a little earlier.  I’m talking about a change in heart and it’s going to take a lot of work and a lot of help.

With God’s help, we can do it, though. 

Love in Christ,





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20 09 2008

sadly, i must say that i am guilty of flirting a few times… not outright flirting, but to a smart guy, it could have seriously have been taken as flirting. in one case, the guy did, and it took me well over three months to get him to leave me alone! there have been other cases where it was more subtle, but i’m sure at least one guy i was around noticed it. but after that first incident i have tried hard to keep my flirtiness to myself… which isn’t terribly difficult because it doesn’t come naturally to me… thank God for that!

thanks kelsea, this post was a great reminder to me for when i’m around guys!

your sister in Christ,


20 09 2008

Thanks so much! It is an encouragement to hear someone say “don’t flirt” when the world seems so be screaming in unision “Flirt!”

21 09 2008

thanks kel this really helped me
i know that its bad but we r all guilty of it
and as i found out from previos experience sometimes friends influence the way you think about a guy and how you talk to him

21 09 2008

Good job!! I like it alot!Flirting is not good.

21 09 2008

I def can get flirty around certain guys. Thanks for the reminder that it is NOT God glorifying or okay under any circumstances.

3 04 2009

Hi there,
Your post popped up as a related topic to one of the posts at our blog. 🙂 I was curious, so I read this…it is very true! If I want to honor God in a relationship, I need to honor Him with how I act around boys.
Thank you!
Olivia from Sister to Sister

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