Putting Love to Sleep: Part One

7 11 2008

“I charge you, O daughters of Jerusalem, Do not stir up or awaken love until it pleases.” Song of Solomon 8:4

If you are like me you have heard this verse a few times before. And for those of you who have read I Kissed Dating Goodbye you are familiar with this verse. We tell others and ourselves to not “awaken love before it’s time”, but do we truly understand this? I am not sure if I even do, or should I say “did”.
See I have tried to make promises a few times before that I would not have crushes and try to keep my mind off guys, ect. We all know all females how extremely hard this task is, and I will admit I have failed many times in the last year or so that I have decided to try to keep my heart pure. I admit to being a day dreamer and a curious person. I am always wondering what my life will be like in the future and I try to imagine it in different ways.
I have a very close friend that is very similar to me in this way. She, like myself is in favor of courtship and is saving her first kiss for the man she marries. She also struggles a lot with her emotions and having crushes. She admits to being too trusting of guys and just ending up hurt, even though she hasn’t given anything away physically and hasn’t even been in a dating relationship.

A few weeks ago God had made it clear to me that I needed to stop reading and writing love stories because I was falling in love (I know that sounds strange) with the men in those stories. I was giving my heart away to guys that don’t even exist and I knew that was wrong. Then shortly after that God also started telling me that I needed to make sure that everything I do glorifies Him. (You can read more about that on my blog.) I started making some resolutions on different things and I made a bunch on how I relate to guys (which with Keslea’s permission I will share them in a future post).
So when I was talking to my close friend last week I asked her to consider to join me in a choice I had made: To not give any of my heart away until I know it is the one that God has chosen for me to marry. As I said to her, this wont be an easy thing at all but I believe it is what God is calling me to do. I have tried to do stuff like this before but I think that this time it might actually work, as long as I rely on God’s power instead of my own. Also this time I have my friend there to be my partner in prayer and my accountability and encouragement.

I also want to challenge you to do this too. As I said before, it isn’t going to be easy, but it is something that will be rewarding. To stand at the altar on your wedding day and to know that the man in front of you is getting your entire heart will be a wonderful feeling. To keep love sleeping in our day and age it a very tough task, but it is not going to go without reward. And with God’s power we can do anything!

Olivia E.


I also have real problems with this.  I think all girls do to an extent.  It’s really something that we can’t help.  On our own.  That doesn’t make it any less of a sin or any more acceptable.  When Solomon sayed that we should not awaken love, that pretty much means that girls should not be all over guys when there is no way that they are going to be marrying that person, especially at age 16 or younger.  In other words, it is not time for us to date. 





One response

10 11 2008
Abigail Kraft

So true….I think though we may not physically throw ourselves into real relationships with guys, even exposing ourselves to that feeling in our minds is the same thing. I’ve often thought of what a joy it would be to stand by my true love…my husband…and know that he is the only man who has ever captured my heart. That would be such an amazing reward for keeping my heart and mind pure. 🙂

Thank you for the encouragement.

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