Worth the Wait Book List

One of my friends asked my mom to ask me to come up with a book list for her.  She has been  struggling with the Harry Potter books and the Twilight series lately.  She doesn’t want to read those books, but she doesn’t know what else to read.  I thought it would be good to put it on here too.  That way ya’ll can read the great books I’ve read (and trust me…I’ve read a lot!!).  If anyone has any more books to add to it, that would be wonderful.  They HAVE to be Christian books, but it doesn’t matter if it is fiction or nonfiction. 

Love in Christ, Kelsea M.



Do Hard Things: A Rebelution Against Low Expectations

This book is the book that motivated me to do what I could to glorify God.  It is one of the reasons I started this blog.  Alex and Brett Harris are wonderful authors and seem to be wonderful Christian guys (I don’t know them personally, so I wouldn’t really know =) ).  It is already a bestseller and everyone I know who has read it REALLY liked it (including me! =) ).


I Kissed Dating Goodbye

This book is where I am getting some of the stuff I write.  Joshua Harris is the author and he is Alex and Brett’s older brother.  It is probably going to be the first book that we read (if you choose to participate) in the book club that will start sometime soon.  It (as the title suggests) is about not dating during your unmarried years.  Instead, it says that waiting is the best policy.  It comes from a man pretty experianced in this area.  It is a must read!!!


The Orphan Train Series

This is a series of three wonderful books.  It really doesn’t have anything to do with Worth the Wait unless you wanted to say that it has great examples of Godly wives and Godly husbands and the beauty of it.  It is the stories of kids who have lost their parents (some as young a five years old) and are thrown out onto the streets of New York in the late eighteen hundreds.  A very compassionate man (Charles Loring Brace) picks them up and takes them to his shelter until he can put them on what they called an orphan train.  The orphan train took them out West where they were taken into (and usually adopted by) the home of a couple out there.  Some were put in good homes, but others didn’t get into good homes.  It is really heart warming.  I wished I could have taken a couple in myself!!! =)


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4 08 2008

One of the best books ever and as perfect one for girls that want to be worth the wait is “Authentic Beauty” by Leslie Ludy. It is on being a set apart woman/girl for the Lord, and it has the whole future husband applications. Also I highly recommend “When God Writes Your Love Story” By Leslie and her husband Eric. I have more books on my blog, so if you want to see those go right ahead. They are on the resources page.

13 08 2008

This isn’t a book but a great place to find books. http://www.generationsofvirtue.com. They have tons of book being catagorized by gender and age of purity and other topics of the like. They have REALLY cool purity jewelry too. Many different purity rings (I have one from them) and a bunch of other unique things, like kiss-boxes. Check them out.

17 08 2008
Trey Edwards

I’d suggest putting Amazon.com links on the books, or whatever online store you use.

22 08 2008
Allisyn S.

Kels, put the Chronicles of Narnia series on there. You know that they are good because you have read them. So put them on there. Also Katelynn says that you need to put The Shunning, it’s a 4 book series.
♥Luv ya bunches♥

24 08 2008

Ok. I finished reading “When Dreams Come True” by Eric and Leslie Ludy (it is the story of their personal love story) and it is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! It is such a wonderful love story! It was as good as any fictional novel. Yet it is real life so it is great for girls to read. It will give them proof that there is actually an amazing love to wait for. Such a great example. A bunch of my friends have read it and they love it too.

27 08 2008

Another great book by Leslie Ludy (surprise surprise) that just came out is “Set Apart Femininity”. I am just about to start reading it and the audio series that has the same message was totally amazing. I will blog about this book(and the new one out by her husband) on my blog either today or tomorrow.

20 09 2008

I am in the middle of reading a three book series called The Kane Lagacy by Al and Joanna Lacy. The first book is called A Line in the Sand. It’s about two brothers who move out to Texas to become cattle ranchers. One of them, Adam Kane, falls in love with and marries a girl that the other brother, Alan Kane, had wanted to marry. While trying to put his feelings behind him, Alan, Adam and their Hispanic friend sign up to go with Colonel Travis to defend the Alamo. It is a really good book and Julia, the one Adam marries, is a really good example of a Godly wife, as are all the other Kane women.

1 10 2008

I will like to recommend the book’s series Becoming Beka by Sarah Anne Sumpolec…fiction books “that inspire young women to become all that God intended them to be”

1 10 2008

i recommend becoming abeka a fiction books series, by sarah anne sumpolec…

3 10 2008

hey kel
another good book is the touch of two kings by rick stanely
it his testimony and about what it was like to grow up in graceland with elvis.
me and lauren both loved it. it is a very touching story, and if your an elvis fan then you get sort of an inside scoop an his life luv ya

3 10 2008

o and another good series is the left behind series they are about the rapture there really good

16 10 2008

Hey Kelsea,
would the left behind series be a reccomended series? just wonderin.

21 11 2008

Perhaps “Say Hello to Courthship”? The follow up to “I’ve Kissed Dating Goodbye” and also, “Dateable” by Justin Lookadoo

15 12 2008
Jake Williams

kels, books that would be good for maybe some younger readers and maybe some people who dont like big books would be “Little House Books” just a thought.

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