I am a girl who loves God and wanta to serve Him in anyway possible.  A few weeks ago, God put it in my heart to start something for teenage girls who have gone on the wrong path and need to get back on the right one.  Don’t think that I am perfect and I never mess up in these areas!  That is NOT true.  In fact, I can be really bad in the area of gossip and judging without even realizing it.  So, I am the last girl you would have picked to do this.  But, our God doesn’t always pick the most perfect.  Sometimes, the people He chooses to use are people most of us would thumb our noses at, myself included.  Anyway, sorry for the sermon where there isn’t supposed to be one! =D God loves you!!!!!  Love in Christ, Kelsea


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19 07 2008

I came on here and I noticed some things had changed. I am glad you got your “About Me” page up and running! I am so excited. I’ll talk to you later!
In Christ,

19 07 2008

Kristen ad Kelsea,
This is a message that is greatly needed in today’s Christian circles. I am looking forward to hearing more about what you have to say. God bless you both as you seek to live in devotion to Christ and be worth the wait. Praying for you.
Loving Jesus,

5 08 2008

Hey Girls!
You’ve been awarded the “Kindred Spirit Award” at my blog. Thank you for your friendship and encouragement! You are truly kindred spirits.
God bless you!


8 09 2008

What an encouraging blog you girls have! Hope you don’t mind if I linked to your posts on the Twilight series today. Thanks very much for those.

God bless you!

3 10 2008

this is the first time iv read this(the about part not the entire blog) and i think its great keep up the good work
luv ya

7 10 2008

I tagged you on my blog Keslea. Check it out and reply.
~In Christ~

4 01 2009

I’m a guy, so I’m obviously not your target audience, but I came to your site looking for reviews of Twilight. I read through several of your other articles and I am so grateful that you are putting good, encouraging posts online for those who are trying to do what’s right.

I guess, as a guy, I can honestly state that virtue is beautiful. I don’t want to marry some girl in a sleazy outfit who talks about inappropriate things all the time. What is beautiful to me, and I know it is pleasing to our Savior as well, is cleanliness, and virtue.

The internet is in great need of virtue and truth. So much of what’s online is profane, depressing, and immoral. Let us flood the internet with the good!

You are doing something very good and very needed. Stay close to God, and keep up the good work!

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