Yearbook Camp

1 08 2008

The past few days, I have been attending a thing that my yearbook staff goes to every year called (you guessed it!) yearbook camp.  To make a long story short, I knew NO ONE on that staff and was having some pretty serious thoughts of quiting.  Anyway, the first day of “camp,” the only other ninth grader on staff got attatched to me (not the thing I would have wanted at first).  She hung out with me and because she was new and didn’t have that great of a family life, I felt obligated to hang out with her.  And only her.  This wasn’t too fun for me because I did know one other person and knew of another.  I wanted to hang out with them, but I couldn’t with (what I thought was) the puppy dog that wouldn’t quit following me. 

As the day went on, she started telling me about her family and everything.  I started telling her things about myself, too.  I still didn’t like her too much when we went home that night.  The next day, though, my friend (the one I had known before) started hanging out with us more.  I started to get happier until I realized how selfish and shallow I was being.  Here was a hurting girl who just wanted someone to love her and I was just “hearing” her stories because I felt obligated too. 

Sometimes, this is the only way we love people.  We don’t love them because they need love and we have an overabundance of love.  We “love” them because that is what we are told to do.  The Bible tells us to love one another as ourselves.  We don’t want to take care of ourselves because we have to!  We do it because if we don’t we could end up dead earlier than expected (not that we should expect even our next breath).  We do it because we need to do it.  We want (in a way) to do it. 

This is how we are to love others.  We are to love them because that’s what the Bible says.  That’s a wonderful reason, but it shouldn’t be the sole reason.  If we just love them because we are supposed to, we are just shallow Christians in that area.  We can’t really get a blessing out of it.  I’m not talking about the Joel Osteen blessing of monetary things, things that will pass away, but of heavenly things, things that will never pass away.  The warm fuzzy feeling you get inside when you have just finished serving others.  To me, that is a much greater blessing. 

I encourage all of you to read 1st Corinthians 13.  I’ll type it out some other time, but right now, I don’t have time.  I hope this was helpful.  God bless!

Love in Christ,                                                                                                                                          

Kelsea M.